Chuck's Deli & Convenience

Welcome to Chuck's Deli and Convenience

Chuck’s Deli & Convenience and Brown’s Cleaners made their début in the Train Yards in 2007. It was a momentous occasion — one that required that we faithfully put our savings into what seemed like a fruitless run-of-the-mill, over-the-counter deli along with a dry cleaning service. With little more than a few good menu items, we began our journey into a brand-new world. But lo and behold, in a year of introducing the famous Chuck’s Panini, our panini sandwich spoke for itself.

What makes our food stand out? For starters, there are no fryers on the premises. All of our food is baked, which means that you’ll get only the highest-quality foods. Daily fresh bread is delivered early in the morning to accommodate the famous freshly baked chicken, filet mignon steak and numerous other delights, including delicious samosas and spinach pies — all prepared by the loving hands of our ladies in the kitchen.

If you haven’t tried our food, now’s the time. Maybe you, too, will join the ranks of the faithful. And, you can drop off your cleaning at the same time.