Chuck's Deli & Convenience
Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

All Prices do not include taxes

 Sandwiches - $7.79 Wraps - $7.79 Paninis - $7.79 Salads Platters
 Turkey & Hot Capocola Chicken Salad Chicken Bacon Garden Salad
S: $6.49/ L: $8.99
 Club Sandwich Platter $12.49
Roast Beef and Cheese Tuna Salad  Chicken with Pickled VegetablesCaesar Salad
S: $6.99 / L: $8.99
 Smoked Meat Platter $11.49
 Ham and TurkeyEgg Salad Croque Monsieur Chicken Caesar Salad
S: $8.99 / L: $10.99
California Club Platter $11.99 
 Ham and Cheese Grilled Chicken Monte Cristo Greek Salad
S: $7.99 / L: $9.99
 Turkey and Prosciutto Ham and Cheese Italian Fattoush Salad
S: $6.99 / L: $9.49
 Chicken and Salami Turkey and Cheese Roast Beef
Ham and Chicken  B.L.T. Pulled PorkAdd chicken, tuna, or egg salad for $2.00 more 
 Turkey and Cheese Vegetarian Smoked Meat
 Turkey Club Mediterranean 
 Chicken Caesar Chuck's SteakSoup
S: $4.39/ L: $5.99 
 Extra Meat $2.00 Chicken Club
 Extra Cheese $1.00 Pulled Chicken
 Brie Cheese with ham
 Grilled Vegetables
 Chicken Parmesan 
Daily Special:
  • Panini Sandwich w soup or salad + canned soft drink $11.50 +tax